Trend Flash: Bugging Out

Design Idea EB0N Necklace Set
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Nature is always a source of jewelry inspiration--including bugs. Now don't jump to conclusions. This trend is surprisingly less "icky" than you might think, and actually isn't a new idea. During the Art Nouveau period, natural shapes such as leaves, animals and even insects were depicted in all forms of jewelry from necklaces to brooches and earrings to bracelets (even infamous Fabergé creations) in precious metals and faceted gems. The resurgence of insects in larger-than-life interpretations has swarmed the catwalk thanks to big fashion names such as Gucci, Valentino, Giles and Givenchy.

Trend Flash: Bugging Out Trend Flash: Bugging Out Trend Flash: Bugging Out

How can you capitalize on this jewelry trend? Choose any insect you like or one of the following insects we've seen trending (and yes, we know arachnids aren't insects, but they're still on the list):
  • Scarab beetles
  • Spiders (and their webs)
  • Dragonflies
  • Butterflies (includes moths with softer tones and wider wings)
  • Bees (including honeycombs)
  • Stag beetles
  • Cicadas
  • Horned beetles
Animals, Insects and Creature Charms

Now, get designing! Glittering wings are fun to create by wiring Swarovski® teardrop pendants together and adding a focal on top for the body. Encrust wings with gemstones and pavé-set rhinestones for a true Art Nouveau throwback. Get modern with simple wire bracelet bases adorned with an oversized centerpiece on top. Use polymer clay to create dramatic dragonflies and impressive butterflies or try metal clay for a gleaming beetle. Add Gilders Paste®, Swellegant!™ or enamels to add color for mimicking nature, muting the color or adding unbelievably vibrant hues.

Want to jump in on this look, but don't want to go totally buggy? Add a petite bug or two (like a ladybug) to still-popular floral trends for double the style impact. Or use Swarovski's crystal effect scarabaeus green inspired by the famous Egyptian beetle, the scarab. Its iridescent, beetle-like glow provides a touch of this trend to designs without having to directly add anything with legs.

You won't want to squash this trend--it offers diverse designing opportunities (I mean how many bug species are there?!) and continues to grow in popularity.

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