The ''Bikini Necklace''

Design Idea F30C Necklace and Earrings

by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

It's got lots of names: Long "Y" necklace. Short body chain. Lengthened lavalière. Cleavage bling.

But the most popular name is the one it's wearing this summer: the Bikini Necklace.

And it's hot--in multiple meanings of the word.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

The "Y" necklace was a superstar jewelry style almost a decade ago. It was on the runways, on the red carpet, on the streets--in every combination of materials and manufacture possible. Now it's back, in an updated version that's finding itself around the necks of jewelry lovers around the globe.

Dubbed "The Bikini Necklace," this jewelry style is all about accenting the throat and cleavage--and it is both daring and delicate.

The "Bikini Necklace"

Make This Style

Part of the minimalist aesthetic that's sweeping fashion, the Bikini Necklace is being made using fine chain or strands of tiny gemstone or seed beads for a delicate and feminine look around the throat. Then it daringly plunges (and plunges!) right between or over the wearer's, uhm, tracts of land as Monty Python would say.

That's why it's also being called cleavage bling.

While any lariat, bolo tie, lavalière or other low-hanging necklace could be considered a bikini necklace, the particular style involves a specific silhouette: a choker with a super-long front dangle. It's ragingly popular, too, seen everywhere from the runways of Coachella to the beaches of the Hamptons.

The "Bikini Necklace" The "Bikini Necklace" The "Bikini Necklace" The "Bikini Necklace"

It doesn't have to be worn with a bikini, either, which makes it a welcome style as summer moves into autumn and winter. Any deep neckline will do--or plain blazer worn with a camisole (as seen on Jennifer Aniston) or without any camisole (as seen on January Jones at the Tribeca Film Festival).

Once the weather cools, the necklace style will transfer beautifully to being worn over sleeveless shells, button-down shirts, turtlenecks and more--so it will sell well into the holiday season, too!

The style is being seen in a range of metals and other materials, with bars and geometric shapes being the most popular. Of course, sparkle is important--many of the best-selling versions include pieces set with Crystal Passions® chatons or glass rhinestones.

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