Make Jewelry and Gifts for Fundraisers

Make Jewelry and Gifts for Fundraisers
Hundreds of thousands of enterprising women and men make their living designing and building jewelry. A natural extension of this, at the holiday season, is to share ideas for charitable giving. Jewelry makers are making and selling jewelry, and donating the proceeds to their favorite causes.

People who make jewelry are noted as some of the most generous people on earth. They are not always doing this as a way to make money for themselves, but this has become an act of love for their causes, and here are some of the ways that they do it.

How Do They Do It?
  1. They select their favorite cause--whether it is a national charity, their church or that family down the road.
  2. They assemble "quick to make" jewelry, such as the "Almost Instant Jewelry" shown in this brochure.
  3. They select a sales outlet. It could be a farmers market, or an outdoor bazaar--anywhere where people assemble. Get yourself invited.
  4. Make posters and blown-up photos showing the people you're trying to help.
  5. When it's time to display, all you need is a card table, some jewelry displays and some comfortable shoes.
  6. They keep track of their expenses. Don't forget, in many jurisdictions, there will be that tax issue, so you have to prove charitable giving.
Tell your potential customers about your cause:

"Hi there, I am making this beautiful Swarovski jewelry to make money to help support (your cause)". Let them know that some portion, such as 50% (or whatever amount you are donating after expenses) of the proceeds will go to your cause.

What's Going to Happen?
  • Some people will just walk away--that's ok.
  • Some people will offer you money for your cause and buy no jewelry--that's great!
  • Some people will buy your jewelry--super!
Funny Thing

Not only will you help your cause, you'll discover lots of new friends. You'll meet lots of people who are interested in your cause and you'll form a newfound appreciation of your own abilities. And to think, all this started as an act of love.

The folks here at Fire Mountain have always been major supporters of different local organizations (churches, schools, bead societies, etc.) through fundraising by making jewelry. View hundreds of organizations supported by our customers all around the world.

Read about Lila May, the granddaughter of our Information Technology manager, Ellen Smith, and her husband, Kage. It is a totally inspiring story about the long walk this little five-year-old has gone through. As Lila says to her Grandma, "I'll never give up. I'll always keep trying."

May your holidays be filled with blessings,