Design Idea E504 Bracelet
by Barbara van Look, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The first time you probably saw a grommet, you were trying to remember the old "Over, under, around and through; Here's Mr. Rabbit's ears, now pull them to" rhyme. It was one of the smallest forms of grommet--an eyelet--and your shoelace passed through it.

Utilitarian Findings: Grommets and Eyelets Grommets and eyelets have traditionally been used to protect holes from wear and tear, regardless of material. So shower curtains had grommets to protect the fabric from being torn on the rod, shoes had eyelets to protect the leather from being torn under the pressure of the laces, even tarps had grommets to protect the edges from tearing when used with bungee cords.

The fashion world has rediscovered grommets in both the smaller and larger versions, and is using them anywhere it can find--or make--a circular space.

Grommets Here, Eyelets There, Grommets and Eyelets Everywhere

Fashion designers such as Sonia Rykiel, Emilio Pucci, Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant are using large grommets on everything from home décor to leather skirts to handbags to shoes to jewelry. They're not being used for the usual purposes, either. These grommets and eyelets are more fun than functional (although nobody's turning their noses up at functional-with-style), combining the hard-core element of metal with a civilized sense of control--and a touch of frivolity.

Utilitarian Findings: Grommets and Eyelets Utilitarian Findings: Grommets and Eyelets

Why add grommets and eyelets to your designs? Try these four reasons:
  • Get Protection
    The original reason! Protect fabric and leather from being pulled, torn or distorted by metal findings, cord and other components. Guard Crystal Passions® crystal pendants from scratching by jumprings, bails or chains. Prevent pieces made from metal sheet from chafing through cord, thread and cable-style beading wire.
  • Save Time
    Reduce how much time you need to spend smoothing punched or drilled holes in metals, plastics and other hard materials. So go ahead, string that brass patina component on silk or organza ribbon! You've lined the hole with a color-matched eyelet--you saved lots of filing time and you won't need to restring the design over and over again, either.
  • Lose Weight, Add Swing
    Punch or drill holes in metal sheet, wood, gemstone, plastic and other materials and fill just a little of that space with a ring of metal. Heavy materials lose a little heft while lightweight materials get a smidge of swing and swag.
  • Boost Color
    Grommets and eyelets are available in a range of metals and metal finishes, with eyelets also available in a spectrum of colors including red, blue, green and more. Not enough color for you? Use the openings provided by the eyelets or grommets to weave, tie, knot or entangle fabrics, ribbons, cord and other high-impact color materials.
Grommet and Eyelet Findings

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