by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Do you leave your jewelry on when you go to bed? Apparently, according to online forums, many of us do and for various reasons. Most of us have rings that we rarely take off, such as wedding or engagement rings or other rings with lots of sentimental value. Also, to confirm that practice, we hear stories of people taking their ring off to scrub their hands at the sink and have it go down the drain (and hope the plumber can retrieve it from the trap). There are no major health risks to wearing jewelry every day, which includes sleeping and showering.

Another reason you leave your jewelry on may be the pendant or necklace is too difficult to take off (or no one to help) and it's a simple enough design as to not cause discomfort while sleeping. Depending on how bulky or sharp they are, earrings, especially studs, can easily be left on for quite a while. There are some other considerations discussed below.

Damage to and from
After a long evening of socializing, it is tempting to just crawl into bed with your jewelry in place. Unless you can sleep the entire night flat on your back, you run the risk of damaging your jewelry--especially losing gemstones and wearing out prongs on settings.

Health concerns
You may be sensitive or allergic to your jewelry. If you have any concerns, check the package insert of your medications, as well as consult with your physician.
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Clean your jewelry regularly
Besides skin sensitivity, wearing jewelry for a length of time can result in a build-up of perspiration which can also cause a reaction between the jewelry and skin. Tarnished jewelry will turn black, and after wearing it, will also turn your skin black. Cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis will eliminate perspiration, tarnish and other residue, fibers or particles that may cause a skin reaction.

There are two main types of jewelry-cleaning products:polishing cloths and cleaners. These include liquid, dry wipes, spray and foam along with tarnish remover as well as steam, vibration and ultrasonic cleaning machines.
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Jewelry Cleaning How-To Videos
Polishing Cloth Make an informed decision
Now you can decide whether to make a new resolution to no longer sleep with your jewelry (or at least cut back) and to get into the habit to clean your jewelry regularly. Your jewelry will look and feel better, and you will feel better too.

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