Kitschy Cool Colors

Design Idea FA2W Necklace and Earrings Set
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Avocado green kitchen appliances, burnt orange shag carpeting--just two examples of what has been regarded as kitschy, or even tacky, style. They are not confined to just the '70s, that decade of unrestrained colors and shapes that is still burned into our memories. Now those once cheesy, kitschy colors are cool, because context is king. Freed from their mundane chores of providing color for every day functions like preparing meals and literally being walked all over, the fashion world has taken these former appliance colors from another time and place, and cast them--in proper context--to star in the latest clothing and jewelry trends.

Avocado Green

What's not to like about this vibrant and spicy, dark yellow-green color? Freed from toaster duty, and used judiciously, avocado green adds a robust hue to any adventurous jewelry design. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a couple dozen avocado green jewelry-making products, mostly beads, made from acrylic and color-coated leather cord. Another interesting variation is silver-lined avocado Delica® seed beads.

The single-strand necklace design idea below named Avocado Glaze features spiderweb jasper gemstone focals with tasteful avocado green along with Swarovski® crystals.

Avocado Green Colored Beads and Components Kitschy Cool Colors

Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is a tricky color. Logically, the name indicates a shade of orange with some flecks or streaks of black. Although this medium dark shade has been in use since 1915 and a Crayola® crayon color since 1954, it is not a standard color and can be slightly different according to however an organization, such as a college football team, decides to use it.

Even here at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, you will see variations of burnt orange among the more than 150 products. Fortunately for you, the artist-designer who wants to add this lively color to one of your designs, making the right choice is foolproof: the photographers at Fire Mountain Beads and Gems® go to great lengths to ensure the products you see in our catalog look just the same as they will in your hand--and we guarantee your satisfaction.

The triple-strand necklace and earring set to the right skillfully incorporates burnt orange into the crystal astral pink Swarovski crystal rhinestones for an alluring color combination.


It turns out we can't blame avocado green and burnt orange (as well as harvest gold) for appearing kitschy or tacky in decades past--they are beautiful, striking colors that were abused and misused. As we've seen, those colors, and for that matter any color, can look great when used in the proper context, in moderation, with supportive colors and materials and with a commitment to style.
Kitschy Cool Colors

Burnt Orange Colored Beads and Components
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