The Eyes (and Lips) Have It

The Eyes (and Lips) Have It
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Eyes and lips are showing up in popular fashion on everything from clothing to purses and of course, jewelry. It's time to channel your inner Picasso, designer-artists.

The look is as real or surreal as you want with winking, blinking eyes and smiling, puckering lips. The look is bold with a single large eye or pair of lips as well as repeated patterns. Lips and a single eye are also seen linked together by materials such as chain, riveting or on multi-finger rings. The motif has been seen on all forms of adornment: brooches, stick pins, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and even head jewelry.

The Eyes (and Lips) Have It

Get the eye and lip look by trying some of these on-trend suggestions or jewelry-making techniques:
  • Set red or pink rhinestones pavé style over Apoxie® Sculpt or polymer clay
  • Paint your own eyes and lips using Enamel multipens and Pebeo paints on round or marquise glass, ceramic or crystal beads
  • Go vintage with Georgian eye jewelry also known as ''Lovers' Eye Jewelry'' often surrounded by pearls, gems and crystals
  • Make simple two-strand chain necklaces or bracelets with an eye charm on one strand and lips on the other
  • Include the Hand of Fatima, a popular cultural symbol also known as the hand of Miriam, often depicting an eye in the palm of a symmetrical hand
  • Incorporate the Egyptian Eye of Ra or wedjat eye (Eye of Horus)
  • Add a teardrop bead or drop in the corner of the eye for a dramatic effect

  • Wire-wrap around ''dragon'' eyes or place in leather (Tip: Try using Swellegant!™ metal coatings and colorants to customize the look of the leather.)
  • Form an eye and lips from metal clay then link together by riveting on a "nose" piece
  • Use Swarovski rivolis as highly colorful irises in polymer clay eyes
  • Get cultural with "wards off the evil eye" themed beads believed by ancient civilizations to deflect envy, ill wishes and other malevolent forces. Learn more about this talismanic symbol in the exclusive article Eye Beads of the World.

The eyes have it (and the lips), in jewelry design. Go bold with your eye and lip interpretations for high-impact style that is completely on trend.

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