Men's Accessory Ideas

Design Idea E21R Tie and Tie Tack
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

Modern men are looking for ways to add jewelry or accessories to their wardrobe and therefore show off their style and interests. Don't limit yourself to thinking jewelry has to be necklaces, bracelets and the like. Expand your sense of men's jewelry to include these accessories when designing:

Tie Clips Collar-and-Tie Men

With the integration of business casual, ties aren't a requirement in the workplace, but that doesn't mean this fashion staple disappeared. Still a favorite way to add a polished look to any button-up shirt, a tie is a perfect place to add a designer touch or a splash of color. Tie tacs are similar to a spot pin, with a flat pad used for adhering a charm, cabochon or other flat-backed component. Choose an officially licensed sports team charm, favorite gemstone, awareness ribbon or other popular motifs. The tie clip is also an accessory for ties, but instead of attaching with a pin, the bar clips onto the side. Embellish tie clips with wirework, seed beads or glue-on components similar to tie tacs.

On the Cuff

There is a growing interest in retro fashions, including the more dapper appearance of cuff links. These easy-to-make men's accessories work for any occasion, from a simple work blazer to a tuxedo jacket for special events. Again, sports team logos on a flat pad are a safe bet and often end up as conversation-starting pieces. Some cuff links, however, provide unique embellishment opportunities with a bezel setting. Cut out personalized images, place them into the settings, then adhere a glass cabochon or fill with resin. And don't shy away from a single Crystal Passions® crystal on each cuff link, adding a luxury element to an overall classic look.

Men's Accessory Ideas Men's Accessory Ideas Men's Accessory Ideas

Beads Where Your Money Is

Not every man enjoys carrying a large wallet about, instead opting for a money clip. The flat front bar of this clip is a perfect embellishment opportunity. Nothing says you have your finances figured out than a fancy way to keep track of your money in the first place. Customize the front by embellishing with seed bead embroidery or adhering flat-backed components. The base metal stainless steel resists rust, tarnish, oxidation and corrosion even in high-humidity environments for a lasting addition to masculine accessories.
Item Number H20-B3634FN

Men's Jewelry-Making Components

Men's Accessory Ideas We're Not Pulling Your Chain

For those men who do keep a wallet on hand and enjoy an edgier look, wallet chains are for them. These functional accessories are most often made from lengths of chain or chainmaille created from silver, gunmetal or other neutral metal-toned jumprings. This also provides extra personalization opportunities by adding a charm, pendant or other beaded dangle. Use leather blanks and snap fasteners for the belt connector and a large split ring or hinged clasp for attaching to the wallet itself.

There you have it, five men's accessories to get designing! Charms were mentioned multiple times, and to make it easy, here is a selection of charms or pendants that might be up the male demographics' alley:

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