Clashing Pattern Trend

Design Idea E15G Bracelet and Ring Set
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Remember old fashion rules that told you not to mix busy prints? Well, the recent patchwork and color clashing trends are telling us to throw the restrictions out the window. New York Fashion Week was full of these distinctive multicolored patterns that don't line up and definitely don't have to match. Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, Anna Sui, Rodarte and Vivienne Westwood--to name a few--are embracing the eclectic feel of layering materials, overlapping prints and mixing patterns to create eye-catching results.

Clashing Pattern Trend Jewelry and fashion walk hand in hand, ensuring designer-artists can throw out similar guidelines about ''non-matching'' colors or prints. The most notable patterns on runways include argyle diamonds, stripes, florals, abstract camo and dizzying ditsy prints. Choose just two patterns and use one to create a little discord, piece together large sections of multiple patterns or go with stripes of any and every pattern set in rows. Of course, solid color blocking (don't be afraid of mixing shapes and extreme color contrasts) in a disjointed grid is also an option. The overall mood is retro (think patchwork), youthful and maybe just a little chaotic.

Providing customers with jewelry in a single strong print is also an option, allowing individuals to create a level of mismatching they're most comfortable with.

Take, for instance, a simple bracelet design with a well-structured checkerboard pattern. Pair this with a long-sleeve shirt in a colorful chevron pattern and voilĂ , the look of conflicting patterns is achieved.

Clashing Pattern Trend
Clashing Pattern Trend

This Triquetra brooch design has a bit of a swirling feel, leading to the middle clusters of rhinestone, and would most commonly be worn with a solid color blouse. Wear this on structured stripes instead and eyes are instantly drawn to the distinctive dissonance.

Create a necklace of large zebra print beads and wear it against a bold color-blocked dress. Make a hodgepodge pendant with Washi origami paper, or other crafting paper, for a focal point of asymmetry. Go big or add an only slightly jarring addition--the choice is yours. Remember busy is good and busier is better with clashing patterns in this trend sweeping fashion runways.

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