Stone Grey Color

Stone Grey Color
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Earthy color palettes have been all the rage in previous seasons and look to continue their popularity in fashion forecasts for apparel, accessories and jewelry. An ever-present, yet often overlooked, organic hue is stone grey. This color offers an alternative to browns and greens--if those aren't up your alley--as well as a neutral tone often associated with modernity and sophistication.

Opaque grey is considered a ''basic'' and so conveniently goes with other colors without worry of clashing, but it is also a color rich with history as stone was used for--nearly--everything in ancient and not-so-ancient civilizations all over the globe. For this reason, it's not uncommon to see this grey hue used in beaded designs with spiritual or metaphysical meaning such as power bracelets or paired with cultural symbols in jewelry.

This grey color, that is nearly black in some cases, works well with nature-inspired designs, especially with raw textures or when innate striations and color variances are showcased. Stone grey also translates exceptionally well into more contemporary, industrial-style designs when matched with bright shiny metals, especially silver. Pair the tone with more aged-looking varieties of gold for a soft vintage feel. Or, use gunmetal for monochromatic results. The fact is, stone grey is an incredibly versatile color.
Stone Grey Color

Stone Grey Color In WGSN's style report on this hue, matte was the most common finish, though the beads and components used in the highlighted jewelry was not without occasional shine and shimmer. Design with hematite or the economical manmade alternative Hemalyke™ for a shinier finish, silver crazy lace agate when you want plenty of inherent surface intrigue or even blue labradorite with its grey undertones but flashy blue play of light. The most common shapes were round, flat or gently curved rectangles, coin and asymmetrical silhouettes with ''rough'' edges or cuts.

Grey is an ideal color to incorporate in any and all jewelry designs regardless of season or gender with its color connotations of being sleek, neutral and balanced. Perfect for special occasions to everyday style, the adaptability of stone grey may just surprise you.

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