Style Snapshot: Stacked Rings

Style Snapshot: Stacked Rings
by Leslie, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®

You've no doubt heard of the stacked bracelet trend taking fashionista wrists by storm. There's another stacked jewelry trend you should be aware of, too. Wearing rings in multiples is a great way to accessorize and gives designers plenty of opportunity to create fun, eclectic or meaningful jewelry. Stacking rings is easy, especially since there's no rule on band width, color, material or texture. The end result is a look as unique as the wearer. There are some types of rings, though, that work especially well with this trend and have been seen all over celebrity digits as well as Instagram or fashion Tumblr inspiration boards.

Item Number H20-8084JD

Item number H20-8084JD

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Item number H20-2522JE

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Item number H20-4605JW

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Item number H20-7044JW

Finished Rings Go Geometric

Geometric shapes have been popular in all forms of jewelry for multiple seasons, and the appeal is certainly not waning. These types of shapes make stacked rings easy since the design can be turned ever so slightly on your finger to nest with or complement another ring on the same finger. We're seeing lots of points, triangles, chevrons and circles in simple wire rings that may look minimalist alone, but create high impact when worn all at the same time. Other shapes we're seeing plenty of include "X"s, multi-intertwined bands, waves and crescents. An added benefit of these wire rings is they tend to be adjustable so you can pick and choose which rings to wear on what fingers for any given day.

Roughing It

Raw-cut stones (including nuggets, pebbles or chips) and crystal points came to popular fashion from Bohemian inspiration. The look offers a connection to the organic, has intriguing natural textures or colors and some people like to incorporate metaphysical beliefs into the equation when designing with stones. Designers most commonly wire wrap these gemstones, though some are set in bezels. The end result is a touch of mystical whimsy to adorn fingers. A few often-used gemstones in these types of rings include moonstone, opal, druzy, labradorite and various colors of quartz.
Gemstone Point Components

Item Number H20-8916JD

Item number H20-8916JD

Brass Knuckles

Well, you can make the rings out of brass, but any metal works. In fact, silver and gold are the most common metals we're seeing. The main point is these rings, often called midi rings, don't end up slid all the way down to the base of the finger. Knuckle rings tend to be petite bands sometimes decorated with rhinestones and adorn right above or below the middle knuckle. These rings can be pushed up as far as just below the first knuckle, though above it you could risk losing the ring if it happens to slide off.
Finished Finger Rings

Wear all your favorite rings together to achieve desired finger fashion. While each ring is beautiful in its own right, they're even better when worn together creating a custom look customers can change each day. The more rings the merrier, and who doesn't love getting more jewelry?!

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