Wubbers® Pliers - Serious Jewelry Tools with a Sassy Name

Wubbers® Pliers - Serious Jewelry Tools with a Sassy Name
by Dan Day, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Do you remember the saying: build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?

With Wubbers, Patti Bullard has invented a better set of pliers that jewelry makers are beating a path to, well, not her door, but to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads to buy her line of Wubbers pliers.

Why Were Wubbers Invented?

For Patti Bullard, the moment was an epiphany, an experience of sudden and striking realization. It was that moment when her interests and passions along with her profession as a psychologist converged to put her on a new path. Like other jewelry designers, Patti had become frustrated trying to use regular pliers to fashion her findings and components. They were uncomfortable for her hand and sometimes damaged the materials she was working with. As a psychologist, she was trained to identify feelings and deal with them in a constructive way. Also as a jewelry-making teacher, she wanted to help others. She realized she could channel her interest in geometric shapes used in design to create a tool specifically for jewelry-making. That moment was the inspiration to design Wubbers pliers. Patti Bullard
Patti Bullard, PhD, Inventor of Wubbers Pliers

The Name

Wubbers Pliers Wubbers--yes, it's a funny-sounding name, yet they are serious tools. Here's the explanation of the name from the Wubbers website:

The unusual name of Wubbers was chosen to portray the uniqueness of the tools. Serious tools with a sassy name. ''Wubbers'' represents the playful, creative spirit that is part of the business philosophy of the company.

Wubbers is a terrific name, like SONY, because it is a made-up name that doesn't mean anything else; it only means the jewelry-making pliers that Patti invented. Search for ''wubbers'' on the Internet and you'll see. The only results you'll get--whether you select ''shopping,'' ''images,'' or ''videos''--will be Wubbers pliers. So when you hear the name Wubbers, you know exactly what's being talked about.

What Makes Wubbers Pliers Better?

Wubbers pliers are better than standard pliers for jewelry-making because they are expressly designed for jewelry-making. Each pair of pliers in the Wubbers line is suited for a different task. For example, looping pliers feature grooved steel jaws that securely hold the wire, making it easy to wrap loops, beads and eyepins consistently without twists or uneven loops. Their smooth finish makes closed loops, jumprings and bracelet links without distorting or scratching the wire. Because of their ergonomic design, the comfortable rubber grips exert low, even pressure on the hand for extended use on designs using many components.

All Wubbers pliers are handcrafted and hand finished to ensure quality. So much so, they are guaranteed to increase your productivity and the quality of your finished design. As Patti put it:

''I also develop tools because I love to teach and share; to help people with their jobs, hobbies and art so they are more fun and profitable for them.''
Wubbers Looping Pliers

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