Guardian Angel that Saved Lives

Angels Are Forever
by Cheri Shelton

My mother made each of us girls a guardian angel to hang in our cars. I always kept it in my car, reaching out to touch it when I drove just to feel like I was touching her.

One of our trips to Dale Hollow Lake, our youngest daughter, who was 17 at the time, took the family truck to go to a church lock-in get-together for the teens. She was hit head-on by a drunk driver. He hit the truck so hard it bent the frame under the driver's seat. It had a camper shell on the back and had a 2X6 in the bed, it threw it into the cab window inches from her head. My baby girl only had a bruise on her belly from the seat belt. She was so lucky, the truck was totaled. We went to the lot where they had the truck stored to collect our belongings and there, laying on the floor in pieces was the angel that my mother had made. We have found the similar ones in the air freshener section at the store, and one is always in each vehicle and in my children and grandchildren's cars. My husband was also involved in a drunk driving accident, where the drunk crossed the median and hit my husband's car broadside. The only injury he got was a piece of glass caught between his fingers, and got cut just bad enough to bleed. Simple little things like a plastic guardian angel! Is it our belief in them that protect us? Strange to some, but true!