The Angel in the Laundromat

Angels Are Forever
by Anita C. Cuttler

One day when I was walking into the local laundromat with my eight-year-old son and a little neighbor girl, I felt a strong presence in back of me as I was taking in our laundry. A youngish man dressed in white passed me saying, "The children have permission to play here today." I was surprised and answered, "Really?" There were two older women working there who gave the impression they wouldn't especially like children playing there. The man then went about the business of doing his laundry with complete focus, efficiency and harmony. Then he walked out looking at the children who were playing under a folding table with what I can only describe as a completely angelic look of love. He said nothing more to me then got into a white van and drove away. We never saw him again. That evening as I read the Scriptures, I came across the words: "I sent My angel to you..." Thanks be to God for His life-giving love.