The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

Design Idea L111 Bracelet and Earrings
by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

When it comes to making jewelry, top-rated Accu-Flex professional-quality beading wire is my go-to stringing material. This soft beading wire utilizes an advanced wire-bundling technology, resulting in increased strength and durability, while maintaining flexibility for a nice drape. It's the whole package--on a spool!

This stainless-steel cable comprised of 7, 21 or 49 strands encased in a nylon coating comes in a rainbow of colors, allowing Accu-Flex to be a part of any design. I like knowing Accu-Flex is top-rated in independent laboratory tests for strength, kink resistance and flexibility. This wire works hard and is a breeze to crimp and knot.

The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

I often get asked, "When does knotting Accu-Flex come in handy?" The most common finish for this beading wire is crimping, which can be seen in our free online tutorial for ''How To Crimp a Crimp Bead/Crimp Tube'', creating a professional-looking result. You can always knot Accu-Flex at the end of your strand, and with a very tight knot, dab of glue and a crimp cover to hide it, you'll be OK, but I would suggest crimping it instead. While Accu-Flex is not going to be the best choice for knotting between beads like pearls, there are times when I rely on Accu-Flex's knotting ability for my handmade jewelry.

Now here's a situation when I find knotting Accu-Flex to be the perfect solution. You are stringing an elaborate necklace and your spool of Accu-Flex just ran out. What do you do? Are you going to re-string all you've done so far? Accu-Flex to the rescue! Just tie on another length of Accu-Flex using a surgeon's or fisherman's knot. Hide the knot in a bead with a big enough hole and no one will be the wiser.

The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

I also like to use Accu-Flex for decorative knots in macramé or crochet jewelry designs. For example, in Maeve's Treasure, 21-strand Accu-Flex is used to delight the eye in a continuous Celtic-inspired knot. I have also used a whipping knot to make an Accu-Flex binding for a tassel and have had good luck using it in kumihimo designs.

You can also weave a bracelet with multiple colors of Accu-Flex beading wire, or even make shapes with it.

I appreciate all the different colors of Accu-Flex when it comes to the popular intermittent stringing technique, because Accu-Flex can truly shine as part of the design. I've even seen Accu-Flex beading wire cleverly used as whiskers on a cat and crafted into chains for decorative and lightweight jewelry.

The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

Or let it decorate YOU.

Design Idea B646 Necklace

Ahhhh, the many facets of Accu-Flex. I just discovered that you can curl Accu-Flex just like curling ribbon on gift wrap! The possibilities are endless.

The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex® The Many Uses of Accu-Flex®

I like that I can crimp and knot Accu-Flex beading wire for trusted strength in long-lasting handmade jewelry. It's the ideal stringing material for whatever project you are inspired to create.

Have fun exploring what this versatile beading wire can do for you. We'd love to hear the different ways you use Accu-Flex beading wire!

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