Spring/Summer 2014 Jewelry-Making Trends  
Design Idea C54V Bracelet Design Idea C54V Bracelet
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Employee Picks Don't put your creativity in a box; put it in the oven! Shrinkable plastic is a friendly, fast and fun way to create an endless array of handmade jewelry. Get pure creative license from patterns to shapes, colors and even the opacity. Use colored pencils, alcohol-based markers or ink stamps and more for truly endearing designs. Shrinkable plastic feels nearly weightless for fun in the sun without the hassle or heftiness other materials can cause.

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Employee Picks Twisted Jumprings

The always intrepid knight in shining armor goes modern. While chainmaille is no longer protecting vital organs, it is valiantly forging onward into masculine fashion sense. Twisted jumprings specifically provide an added texture to these already crowd-pleasing formations. Combine with pendants, leather, cord and more for charismatic designs that coordinate with all styles and occasions for men this season.

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Employee Picks Twisted Jumprings
Filigree Focals
Astonish everyone with your ingenuity by featuring the graceful ornamentation of filigree focals in unusual and fascinating ways. More than just pendants, these focals can be bent, layered and adhered to form three-dimensional designs that still lie comfortably when worn. The multiple cutouts and openings invite embellishment, craving to be turned into an eye-catching design for your jewelry repertoire.

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Design Idea D512 Necklace and Earring Set
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Employee Picks Watch Components
Mixed media is a trend not losing any steam, continually propelled into the fashion frontier by inventive assemblages displaying cogs, dials, gears, face plates, etc. Watch your mixed media beauties imitate time by flying--off your shelves. Tinkering with collage-style fabrications will captivate customers' imaginations, sure to bring a sense of nostalgia to all who lay their eyes upon your jewelry.

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Watch Components

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