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Check out our huge collection of poly clay tutorials, tips, and tools. Whether you love Premo! Sculpey Clay, Fimo Polymer Clay, or Kato Polyclay, you’ll be sure to find a video, design idea, or project that’s perfect for you – go on and get inspired!

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How to Make Gemstones \"Pop\" in Polymer Clay

Jewelry-making designer-artist Christi Friesen shows you how to set super-reflective, foil-backed gemstones into custom polymer clay.

Polymer Clay - Basics and Techniques

Christi Friesen, the always entertaining polymer clay guru, explains basic tips and tools for using polymer clay. Get excited about playing with clay and shop all the supplies to prepare for this jewelry-making addiction.

Fimo® Professional Liquid Polymer Clay

In this jewelry-making product show-and-tell led by award-winning mixed media artist Lisa Pavelka, see just how versatile Fimo® liquid gel (a liquid clay) is for joining polymer clay pieces together and so much more.

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Polymer Clay Tools

Polymer clay is a very versatile medium to design with. It is great for sculpture, caning, carving and stamping, among many other things. Working with this material requires tools--and what is more fun than tools? Well, working with polymer itself,...

Jewelry-Making Clays: Compare and Contrast

There are a lot of polymer clay brands for jewelry-making on the market. How do you know which polymer clay you should use? In this article, we’ll compare and contrast the top clay brands so you know which works best for your jewelry-making...

What is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is a clay-like material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), plasticizer and pigment. It is available in many colors and brands, with each brand offering its own color palette and properties.

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