Assembling the Professional Beading Loom

Although created with Delica beads in mind, any bead size 11/0 to 15/0 can be used with this loom.

Assembling Your Loom:

Gather the following enclosed pieces

  • 2 Hardwood Sides
  • 2 Rollers
  • 2 Threaded Rods (with holes, slots and threaded ends)
  • 4 Wing Nuts
  • 4 Washers
  • 8 Golf Tees

Place the threaded ends of the rollers in the lower holes in the hardwood sides. The lower holes go all the way through the sides. Place washers on the outside of the sides, thread the wing nuts on loosely.
Place the threaded rods in the upper holes that do not go all the way through. Tighten down (lightly) all 4 wing nuts.
The thin edge of the thread keepers will fit in the slot in the rollers when you are ready to warp the loom. The golf tees can be added to the holes in the rollers as needed for projects using the hub technique for warping the loom.

Additional Items to Have on Hand

Additional supplies you may need include masking tape to secure the thread keepers, a small crochet hook, toothpick, or needle for lifting threads into the grooves on the threaded rods. A toothbrush or small brush to comb threads straight before bringing to other side of the loom. This will help organize the warp threads for the knotted warp technique.


There are two basic styles of looming; Knotted and Warp.

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