Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads and Faceted Graphic Beads

Courtesy of Swarovski

Be inspired by the Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

  • To create the toggle-'bar' end:
  • Tie on an Art. 6650 (22 mm, Black Diamond) to one end of the Irish waxed linen length with a surgeon's knot, leaving a 1.25'' tail.
  • Lay parallel to the waxed cotton length and tie an overhand knot with both pieces, hiding the surgeon's knot just created. The Art. 6650 should be taut against the tail-side of the knot.
  • Trim both ends on the diagonal to 1 inch and twist the waxed linen end between your fingertips to finish.
  • To create the length, the toggle-''loop'' and finish:
  • Randomly thread the linen length with a total of thirty (30) 3mm crystals/crystal pearls.
  • Move the resevoir up to within 6-8'' of the last knot and tie a slip knot below the last crystal/pearl so that you can easily pull beads, one-at-a-time, from the grouping and they won't fall off the bottom.
  • Snug the first bead up to the knot. With the same length, loop down around the bead, around the waxed cotton strand and back through the loop.
  • Tighten to create a pleasing border of linen around the bead.
  • Add all 30 beads and check to see that this length 30 beads is equal to about 4''. If not, adjust your work and/or your crystal count.
  • Add an Art. 5520 (18 mm, Jet) by threading down through the hole, through an Art. 5301 (3 mm, Jet Hematite), and back up the hole. Make sure there is very little slack between the waxed cotton and the top of the Art. 5520. Finish with the same stitch around the cotton strand.
  • Repeat the last 4 steps 6 times.

Finish with the remainder of Art. 5301's to the thirty-two inch mark.

Continue knotting without the beads in similar intervals for another 5-6 inches or until, when this beadless area is doubled, an overhand knot can be made forming a loop that will allow the Art. 6650 to fit through. Pull tight. (Note: Before tying this knot, tie a surgeon's knot to finish the beadless knotted area which will be hidden under the overhand knot).

Trim both lengths diagonally, leaving about a 1'' tail.

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