Bracelet with Czech Glass Beads, Crystal Passions® Beads and Charms

Design and Instructions submitted by Linda J. Kulczyk

Cycle Chain Bracelet

Customer designs may have some products from their personal collection. Please feel free to substitute similar products from our offerings:
On the bead board, arrange the spacer beads in a stacked fashion, lining up with the holes on the spacer beads. The bracelet comes out to roughly 8-inches in length.
Open two jump rings and thread them onto the two loop slider clasp. Close the jump rings. Take one head pin and thread through one of the holes in the spacer bead. Add one of the jump rings on the clasp and add a round crystal and then add the other jump ring on the clasp. Keep threading the head pin through another spacer bead. Add a crystal and then form a loop. Trim off the excess head pin with the flush-cutters.
Thread the rest of the head pins through the line up of spacer beads with each end holding a round crystal and a loop. The bracelet now looks like a bicycle chain. Finish the end the same way as attaching the jump rings to the other piece of the two loop sliding clasp.
Embellish the bracelet with a focal bead, round beads and the jump ring in a loop on the end of a ball end head pin. Add the charms to the loops on the ends of the bracelet. Adjustments for larger or smaller lengths can be made by adding another double set of jump rings to the clasp.

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