Making a Tiger Lily Cane

Design by Donna Kato and Instructions by Arbel, Advertising Designer, Marketing Events Group,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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Condition two blocks each of turquoise and gold Kato Polyclay™. If you would like to make the cane shown on the "Jungle Crown" design idea, use red and gold clay.
Make a Skinner Blend gradient with the turquoise and gold Kato polymer clay.
Using the Poly-Roller™ Machine, turn the gradient into a 4-inch wide strip of clay. Keep running the strip through the Poly-Roller until it is down to the #5 setting. When the clay is thin, the gradient colors will transition well in the cane.
Using the Poly-Roller, condition the clay for the spots in the cane, this cane has dark green spots, if you are making the cane for the Jungle Crown, use black. You could add red, black or purple; this would dramatically change the look of the cane. Make a worm with the clay, about 4mm in thickness.
To make the cane, fold the gradient clay back and forth onto itself. It does not matter which color you begin with. After the second fold, add two pieces of the worm clay across the 4-inch width of the gradient. After the fourth fold, add one piece of worm between the two bumps created by the two worms.
Repeat this process until the gradient is stacked up.
Using the Poly-Roller, condition 2 blocks of purple clay. Thin down to the #2 setting. Wrap around the cane, reduce the cane to blend the clay together.
Measure the length of the cane, cut it in the middle to make two mirror halves. Look at the two halves together to determine how they will best fit together. Flatten the side of each piece that will fit together by pressing them against a flat surface.
Using the Poly-Roller, condition black clay for the center of the cane. Roll the black clay down to the #3 setting.
Using the clay blade, cut a piece of black clay to fit between the two pieces of cane, with the black piece between them, press the two sides of the cane together.

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