Single-Strand Lariat-Style Necklace with Swarovski Crystal and Suede Lace Cord

Courtesy of Swarovski

Fleur Noir Lariat Necklace

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Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

Fold suede lace in half. String on one bead art. 5900 14mm jet from the Swarovski crystal assortment through both loose ends of the suede lace. Pull one end down so it is about 4-5 inches longer than the other end.
On the long end of the suede lace add one Swarovski bead art. 5900 14mm jet, one bead art. 5900 14mm crystal silver shade and then the last beads art. 5900 14mm jet. Tie a simple knot at the bottom of the suede lace.
Cut the silver wire in two pieces. Push the top bead in jet and in crystal silver shade up a few inches. Wrap one piece around the suede lace at the top of the last bead in jet. Push the Swarovski beads in crystal silver shade and jet back down to touch the wrapped wire.
Attach the Swarovski filigree art. 62011 to the other end of the suede lace. String the lace through one of the center openings of one of the petals of the filigree. Loop the lace back up and wrap the other piece of wire around both pieces of lace to secure.

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