Creating an Old World Square Link

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®
Cut a piece of leather larger than the rectangle but small enough to fit between the openings on the sides of the square.
Place the rectangle onto the leather where you want it to be positioned. Using the marker, place a mark where the hole in the rectangle meets the leather, so you know where to punch a hole. Using the hole punch, make a hole at the mark in the leather.

Place the leather onto the square focal, positioning it where you want it. Using the marker, place a mark where the hole in the leather meets the square, so you know where to drill your first hole.

Place the square onto a block of wood. Place the center punch on the mark on the square. Press the center punch down until it stries to create a depression for the drill bit to catch in. Drill a hole.
Layer the pieces together and place a brad through the holes.
Place the assembly face down onto a steel bench block. Press on the layers so they are fitted together well. Trim the brad to 1/8" above the last layer. Be sure to cover the piece of wire that will be cut off so it doesn't go flying.
Using the ball peen hammer, strike the brad, working around the end so you move the metal outward and so it's flat.
Flip the assembly over and place it onto a piece of wood. Determine where you want the next hole to be placed--the second hole in the piece shown is opposite the first. Using the rawhide mallet, strike the center punch at the mark to create a depression. Drill a hole at the mark, drilling slowly so, as you pass through each layer, the assembly stays as you have it lined up.
Put a brad through the drill hole then repeat Steps 4-5.

Optional: Repeat Step 6 to place a hole in the center.

Repeat Step 3 adding in other findings, like the brass flower and flattened lacy cone bead cap, as shown.

Repeat Steps 4-5 to secure the final brad in place.

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