Opening and Using an Enamel Multipen

by Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator,
Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

: : : Materials : : :

  • Wooden skewer or suitable metal tool
  • Dust mask
Shake the container to mix the contents together. Pop off the plastic cover on the multi-pen and unscrew the black nozzle. Remove the inner foil found in the top. Replace the black nozzle then test the flow of the enamel by squeezing the bottle and emitting enamel onto a paper towel.

Note: Sometimes the fine particles and liquid separate and need to be worked back together with more than shaking the container; if needed use a wooden skewer or metal tool to blend the materials back together. Sometimes more liquid needs to be added to the enamels; use distilled water in this instance.

Sometimes the liquid evaporates completely–in this case, put on a dust mask, break up the dry solid so it is more of a powder, then add distilled water (do not completely fill the container so you have room for stirring later). Cover the container and let it sit overnight. Use the skewer or metal tool to blend the contents together. Once blended, check the consistency again then add more water as needed.
If you like the dimension of the enamel paint you can apply to your piece. If you’d like a finer line, using scissors, trim the black nozzle tip.
Screw the metal tip onto the nozzle. If the tip does not screw on, trim a little more from the nozzle. Try the tip again. Repeat if needed.
While working on a project, once you are done with one color, place the tip of a staple into the multipen tip to keep the enamel in the tip from drying out and clogging the tip.

Remove the staple when you need this color again then put the staple back in when finished. Once you are done with the project and ready to store the enamels, remove the tip, rinse it clean and put the plastic lid onto the black nozzle. Store the tip in a zip-top bag and tape to the bottle.

If your tip becomes clogged or if the enamel dries inside the tip, soak the tip in water overnight. After soaking, pass a threaded fine needle through the tip. Grasp the needle and the thread and pull back and forth through the tip until it is clear.

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