Bib-Style Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set with Seed Beads and Glass Pearls

Courtesy of Preciosa®

Summer Heat

Introducing a costume jewellery set from Czech PRECIOSA seed beads and beads which you can modify according to your color requirements. Choose a suitable color combination of imitation pearls and sew around them with PRECIOSA seed beads in the chosen supplementary color. The basis for the used technique is the so-called circular brick stitch.
Figures 1a, 1b, 1c
Pass the thread through an imitation pearl four times in the same direction, divide the thread into two on the adjacent sides and tighten slightly so that it is possible to pass the needle under the thread when sewing on the basic row of seed beads (figures 1a, b, c).
Figure 2
String two seed beads and pass the needle under the basic thread surrounding the bead and then sew through the second added seed bead in the upwards direction (figure no. 2).
Figure 3
String one seed bead and pass the needle under both basic threads. Continue in this way around the entire circumference of the bead (figure no. 3).
Figure 4
Sew the last seed bead to the first seed bead in this row from above, pass the needle under both basic threads and sew through the last added seed bead in this basic row once again in the upward direction (figure no. 4).
Figure 5
Begin the second row by stringing two seed beads which you should then sew onto the basic row by passing the needle between the two nearest seed beads and by sewing through the second added seed bead once again in the upward direction (figure no. 5).
Figure 6
String another seed bead and pass the needle between the two nearest seed beads. Continue in this way until the end of the row where it is possible to repeat the transition to the next row or to finish sewing around the bead in this second row (figure no. 6). Place the created flowers together in the resulting shape in order to ascertain if you have the right amount.
Prepare the base of the bracelet for sewing on the individual edged beads. Measure approximately 40cm of wire, bend it in the middle and pass it through one of the links in the chain. Pass both ends of the wire through a crimping bead and then shift the bead up to the place where the wire is bent so that an eye is created for the free movement of the threaded chain link. String a rocaille at both ends at a total length of ca 17.5cm. Pass both ends of the wire through a crimping bead. Thread the snap hook on one end of the wire, thread it back into the crimping bead and crimp it well using special pliers. It is possible to attach a small flower to the end of the chain.
Sew the individual edged beads to the wires and then arrange the further rows in the inwards direction until the entire area between the wires has been filled.
Prepare a stringing of seed beads and imitation pearls for the base of the necklace and finish it with a chain on one side and a snap hook on the other side just as with the bracelet. Sew the individual flowers from the central part of the wire in progressive rows. It is also possible to sew individual imitation pearls among the individual flowers.
Create the earrings from two identically edged beads which are attached to earring hooks.

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