Single-Strand Necklace and Ring Set with Glass Cabochons and Seed Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Svetlana Dubinskaya

Night Flower Set

: : : Materials : : :

  • Seed bead, Miyuki, glass, gold, #15 round
  • Cabochon, glass, 20x15mm rectangle (1 cabochon)
  • Cabochon, glass, 30x20mm rectangle (1 cabochon)

  • Optional:

  • Seed and bugle beads
  • Cabochons, glass

The Chain

Figure 1a

Figure 1b

Figure 1c
Weave a chain using Miyuki Tila™ seed beads and size 15 seed beads (Fig. 1a), starting from the clasp eyelets. Run 2 or 3 times through the beads of the last row to add rigidity. Join two Tila beads with the help of seed beads (Fig. 1). Then add two more beads (Fig. 1b). Add one Delica® golden seed bead between points 5 and 8 (Fig. 1b). The golden bead should be placed between size 15 black seed beads.

Bead a chain in the same way (Fig. 1) up to the proper length. It is 43cm long in the original design. Make the same clasp eyelets at the end of the chain as you have done in the beginning. Attach the chain to the clasp using connecting rings.

The Pendant

Figure 2
Bead peyote stitch around the pendant. Start from the middle of the back side. String size 11 Delica beads in the given order:

7 black beads, 1 golden bead, 1 black, 1 golden, again 7 black beads, 1 golden bead, 1 black, 1 golden. Work the next rows in peyote stitch (Fig. 2). When beading around is of the proper size, start to decrease it. Bead two rows using Delica seed beads, reducing at the corners. Now put your cabochon inside and work two more rows using size 15 round seed beads. Run twice through the beads of the last row to fix them.

Work one row of Delica seed beads (adding golden, pink and turquoise beads) along the cabochon perimeter.

The next row is also multicolored. Put size 11 black round beads between the black beads of the previous row, and repeat golden, pink and turquoise above the beads of the same color.

Pendant Loop

Figure 3a

Figure 3b
Bead a loop for your pendant weaves using six Tila beads (Fig. 3). Weave two columns with three beads in each. Unite the columns together.


Picture 1
Attach the loop to the pendant, running through size 11 Delica golden seed bead. Join two Tila beads together and attach them to the top of the pendant, passing through the golden seed bead. Attach them to the center of the chain from the other side in the same way. Run through the beads for several times to firm the place of connection.

The Ring

Incorporate the cabochon for the ring in the same way, as for the pendant, Work the necessary number of peyote stitch rows. Decorate its perimeter with two beaded rows, adding pink and turquoise seed beads.

Weave a loop for the ring. Measure the proper length of the loop and work a ribbon of the same length in peyote stitch, using size 11 round black seed beads.

Decorate it from both sides with size 15 round golden seed beads. Attach both ends of the ribbon to the beaded cabochon from the back side.

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