How to Use a Hotfix Transfer Sheet

Instructions by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
Set your iron to a medium heat, no steam.
If desired, print a template or draw one by hand. You will need a mirror image if you are using a design with letters/words.
Using scissors, cut out a section of the hotfix transfer sheet to fit your template or design, for best results, make it slightly larger than your design.
Tape the design face down onto the shiny side of the transfer sheet.
Carefully peel protective coating from hotfix transfer sheet.
Use rhinestone positioner tool, Tweezer-Vac™ or tweezers to pick up hotfix rhinestones from back/flat adhesive side of rhinestone. Position rhinestones front side down onto your template or design. Once all rhinestones have been put into position, check your design and make any changes at this time.
Remove taped down printed design from transfer sheet.
Gently place rhinestone-embellished transfer sheet sticky side down onto surface you wish to apply them to. Make sure you have it aligned properly before sticking it down as it can be quite difficult to try and reposition the transfer sheet after it has been adhered. Press transfer sheet firmly onto surface.

Note: If you are applying this to fabric like a T-shirt, place a piece of wax paper between the two layers of fabric to help avoid the hotfix adhesive (on the back of the rhinestones) from melting to the back of the shirt.
Press and hold the pre-heated iron directly onto transfer sheet for about 15 seconds--depending on material you are applying to, it may only take 10 seconds or up to 30 seconds. Test for best results.

Just press down, do not move/shift iron back and forth. If you are doing a large pattern, you can do it in small sections at a time. You can go over each section more than once if desired.
Let cool completely. If you try to peel plastic transfer sheet off while still hot/warm, it may pull your rhinestones off.
Very slowly pull the plastic transfer sheet off. If any rhinestones did not adhere properly, lay plastic sheet back down and reapply the iron.

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