Single-Strand Necklace and Ring Set with Seed Beads and Glass Beads

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Alena Svidzinska

"Hellas" Set

: : : Materials : : :

  • Embellishment, rivoli, black, 16mm (A)
  • Pearl, Crystal Passions, gold, 4mm (B)
  • Pearls, Czech glass, 7mm (C)
  • Beads, black rondelles with crystal rhinestones (D)
  • Bead, glass, 4x6mm, faceted oval (E)
  • Bead, crystal, black, 4mm, bicone (F)
  • Bead, faceted metal, gold, 4mm (G)
  • Bead, crystal, topaz, 4mm, teardrop (H)
  • Bead, crystal, topaz, 12x20mm, teardrop (I)
  • Bead, crystal, black, 4x6mm, faceted flattened (J)
  • Bead, crystal, dark topaz, 5x7mm, faceted flattened (K)
  • Bead, crystal, dark topaz, 6x8mm, faceted flattened (L)
  • Bead, Czech, glass, transparent with gold coating, 4mm, faceted (M)
  • Seed bead, star golden, galvanized, size 11/0 (N)
  • Seed bead, apollo bronze-black hybrid, size 11/0 (O)
  • Seed bead, apollo transparent bronze-peach hybrid, size 11/0 (P)
  • Seed bead, black, size 15/0 (Q)
  • Wire, gold-plated (R)
  • Wire, jewellery black (S)
  • Wire, brass (T)
  • Pins, gold


Make a full-size design of butterfly, or photocopy picture or photo of butterfly taken from book or Internet.

Picture 1

Draw several long, medium and short lines on each wing (pic. 1). Draw 5-6 the longest lines which will go from the wing base to the ends. The lines are marked in black colour (pic. 1). Then draw 4-5 medium lines (green colour) and 3-4 short lines (dark blue). Draw medium and short lines from the long lines till the end of the wing. Net from the drawn lines should cover the whole area of the wing.
Figure 1
Figure 2

Work one line along each line, using O, N, R (fig. 1). Do not cut off the ends of the wire at the end of the work.
Connect the lines together (fig. 2). Cut off the excess wire, using cutters. Hide the ends to the nearest seed bead.
Work all the wings in the same way.
Bead around rivoli in your own way.
Attach beaded rivoli and wings to the netting base.


Work a butterfly, using the recommendations given to the ring.
Work lace mesh. Work the mesh in the same way as your wings were made, using N, R.

Figure 3

Work "needles" along the outer edge of mesh with N at the end (fig. 3).
Figure 4A
Figure 4B

Work the flowers in any way you want. They are made in this way in our case: beads 9-10 petals of the flower (fig. 4a), go through the bottom seed beads and connect them into a ring, pull and insert a bead (fig. 4b), attach flowers to the base, using the ends of the wire.

Picture 2

Work necklace ribbon, using picture 2 as a guide. Take a wire and pick up N, slide it to the middle part. Bend the wire. Pick up N onto both ends. Then pick up 2-2.5cm of N onto each end of the wire separately. Pick up 1J onto both ends. You can make the ribbon of the desired length. It consists of 8J in the original design. Pick up 6C, altering to D onto both ends of the wire. Twist the part with seed beads, using the photograph as a guide.

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