Art Clay Gold 22k - Clay Type

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As this has different characteristic from original ART CLAY SILVER clay type, please read the directions and precautions before use.

Ingredients: 95% of indicated weight is K22 (Gold 91.7%, Silver 8.3 %). After firing: K22 100%

Firing Temperature/Holding Time:1814ºF for 60 min.

Melting Point:1931ºF

  • Take out only the necessary amount of clay, wrap it in plastic wrap and knead it well. If it is stiff at first, warm it in your palm a little while. Place the unused portion of clay in a re-sealable bag and keep it in an air-tight container at room temperature to prevent it from drying up.
  • To join Art Clay Gold together or to mend a jointed area, use Art Clay Gold in paste form, which can be made as follows: Put Art Clay Gold in a small plate add a few drops of water and blend it evenly with something like a spatula
  • Shape as you wish using your fingers, a mold, etc. If Art Clay Gold becomes stiff to handle, place it in a ziploc bag, add a few drops of water, and knead it until it becomes soft.
Note: Remember that the finished piece shrinks 15%, so size your piece accordingly.
Condition for Drying
Dry the piece completely at room temperature (more than 24 hours) or by a hair dryer, etc.
Hair Dryer Approximately 10-15 minutes with 1200w hair dryer. Place the dryer within 6 inches from the piece.
Hot Plate Approximately 10 min. at 300-350ºF
Electric Kiln Approximately 10 minutes 300ºF
Drying time is varies by size of the piece.

How to Check If the Piece is Completely Dried
Place the piece on a flat stainless, glass or plastic plate. After 10-20 seconds remove the piece. If there is no area of condensation left behind, it is completely dried.
Place the piece in the kiln. (If you are firing more than two pieces, make sure the pieces are not touching each other)
Temperature 1814ºF
Holding Time 60 min.
Take out the piece when the kiln temperature falls below 1112ºF.
  • The surface of the fired piece will be matte, but luster can be obtained by polishing. ( e.g. stainless steel brush, burnisher, sandpaper, etc.)
  • After firing: K22 - 100%

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