How to Prepare a Felt Wheel for First-Time Use

Courtesy of Jooltool™
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

See how to mount and prepare the Ninja felt wheel on the Ninja back pad for use on the Jooltool™ to buff, polish and apply compounds (such as jeweler's rouge) to stone or glass for jewelry making.

Disclaimer: When using your Jooltool, remember to tie your hair back, use safety glasses and, when you're not using the vacuum, use a respirator.


Mount the Ninja felt wheel on the Ninja back pad by removing the sticker from the adhesive on the back of the felt wheel and placing it on the post of the back pad. Align the fins on each disc so they are centric then press the discs together, pressing every fin on the disc firmly to ensure the adhesive adheres.
Place the assembled Ninja felt disc onto the peg on the top side of the JoolTool with fins facing clockwise. Twist the felt disc onto the peg to secure it in place.
Smooth the surface of the felt using a 120 grit ceramic Ninja pad or the equivalent 60 grit sanding paper attached to a wood block. Turn the JoolTool on at full speed then place the sand paper below the felt pad. Beginning in the center, bring the sand paper up flat against the felt disc. Continue to sand the disc until it feels smooth. If needed change to a finer grit sand paper to smooth the surface further.
Apply a liberal amount of the polishing compound to the surface of the felt, saturating every fiber and the corners of the felt disc. Use a metal surface to press the compound into the fibers of the felt. Repeat to reach the desired consistency.

If desired, use the smaller grit sand paper, apply more compound and use the metal piece to adhere the compound as desired.

Once the felt disc has been treated the fins should achieve a metallic look. This treatment will create a permanently smooth and flat surface and prevent groove lines from forming on the disc during future use, eliminating the need to treat the disc again.

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