How to Clean and Polish Metal Clay Casting

Courtesy of Jooltool™

Disclaimer: When using your Jooltool, remember to tie your hair back, use safety glasses and, when you're not using the vacuum, use a respirator.
Attach and secure a ceramic 220-grit abrasive disc to the JoolTool™, with the abrasive side facing down. Holding the clay piece beneath the disc, turn on the JoolTool. Carefully clean and polish the metal clay piece by pressing the piece gently against the underside of the abrasive cleaning disc and moving it over the spots that requires smoothing.

Note: The ceramic 220-grit disc is used for heavy removal of material and should be used on spots with the heaviest abrasion.
Peel and stick a fine-grit Scotch-Brite™ by 3M disc to a Ninja backpad. Using the fine-grit disc, carefully smooth and polish any uneven edges and areas of the metal clay. Follow the contours of the piece using the edge of the disc to get the corners and crevices for an even polish.
Attach and secure a felt wheel to the JoolTool. Turn on the JoolTool then apply a generous amount of polishing compound to the felt. Continue to polish the metal clay, following the same contours from Step 2, to give the piece a high polish.

  • Apply more polishing compound as needed to achieve the desired finish
  • Polish the face of the piece, removing any high spots, for a professional flat finish
  • For an even higher polish, use a 1-micron 3M bristle brush disc to polish the hard to reach grooves and crevices
For pieces that do not require removal of material and only need polishing, begin with a 6-micron bristle brush polishing wheel by 3M. Hold the metal clay against the edge of the bristle brush, ensuring that all grooves and crevices are reached.

Once the piece has been polished with the 6-micron wheel, attach and secure the 1-micron bristle brush by 3M and continue to polish as desired.

Note: The bristle brush discs do not require any polishing compound to be applied in order to polish metal clay.

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