Creating a Bohemian Steampunk Pendant

Presented by Christi Friesen, Award-Winning Artist, Author and Educator,
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Use Christi Friesen’s favorite polymer clay, Premo! Sculpey® jewelry clay and her step-by-step project instructions to make your own Bohemian steampunk pendant for unique handmade designs.
Condition each color of polymer clay well by hand kneading or running through a polymer clay roller until soft and pliable. Mix the colors together to create a dark color.

Tip: Premo! Sculpey® navy and bronze were used for the video. A darker color will work best for applying mica powder.
Press a section of clay into a flat oval shape. Place a large jumpring into the top of the oval, for stringing, then cover with a smaller flat round piece of clay.
Press a small piece of clay into the desired design on a metal mold. Flatten and smash the clay into the mold covering the design in the mold then remove the clay. Press the molded piece of clay onto the flat oval as desired.

Tip: If your clay sticks to the mold, apply a small amount of water to release the clay.
Press Bohemian-style and filigree components onto the flat oval as desired.

Use a small amount of liquid polymer clay to attach the molded pieces over the components and the rest of the flat oval, securing them in place and adding texture.
Apply a very thin layer of mica powder to a finger or an artist brush and apply to the design as desired.
Trim a headpin to the desired length then form a hook on the end. Insert the headpin into the clay. Press steampunk components onto the clay.

Bake according to manufacturer's instructions.

Tip: If any of the components are loose after baking, apply a small amount of adhesive and replace in the embedded area.

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