How to Start a Byzantine Chainmaille Weave

Presented by Sue Ripsch, Author and Chainmaille Artist,
Instructions by Jennifer, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Sue Ripsch, chain mail artist and teacher, demonstrates how to start a Byzantine weave with jumprings to create beautiful chainmaille jewelry.

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Loop a 12-inch length of wire through two jumprings, creating double jumprings. Twist the wire ends closed to ensure the double jumprings won't slide off.

Tip: The length of wire allows you to hold the beginning of the chain while it is short.
Pass one jumpring through the previous set of jumprings then close. Repeat to attach a second jumpring creating a 2-2 chain.
Attach double jumprings to the previous set of double jumprings, creating a 2-2-2 chain.
Flip the entire chain over so that the wire is now at the bottom of the chain.

Spread the third pair of double jumprings apart, allowing each ring to lie flat against one side.

Turn the chain 1/4 turn and spread the second pair of double jumprings (added in Step 2) apart.

Tip: The two jumprings that are spread apart resemble bunny ears.
Attach a pair of double jumprings to the center of the third pair of double jumprings (added in Step 3), creating a fourth pair of double jumprings. This is the first set of jumprings in the next set 2-2-2 chain length.
Repeat Steps 2 - 5 to the desired length.

Untwist and release the wire.

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