How to Create a Wrapped Gear and Crystal Rivoli Focal

Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

In this silent animation, you’ll see up close how to wire wrap a crystal rivoli or other stone into the center of a gear component for a steampunk-inspired jewelry link or pendant.
Place an undrilled crystal or stone over the hole in the center of the gear.
Place one end of a length of wire in the notch between one set of teeth on the gear component, leaving an approximately 2-inch tail on the back.

Tip: Leave the wire uncut and attached to the spool to prevent waste or too short of a length of wire.
Wrap the wire across the front of the gear, along one side of the stone in the center. Pass between a set of teeth on the opposite side of the gear, not directly across. Wrap around the back side of the gear to the adjacent notch on one side of the previous.
Pass the wire through the adjacent gap on one side of the first set of teeth (Step 2), moving clockwise. Continue along the stone then through the adjacent notch from the previous notch on the opposite side. Wrap around the back side of the component.
Continue wrapping clockwise through adjacent notches until every notch is filled. (The wire may wrap through each notch multiple times.) Wrap over the tail on the back side of the gear to conceal it.

Continue wrapping around the gear to the desired density and until the stone is secure then trim excess wire leaving an approximately 2-inch tail. Bring the ends of the wire together then twist them together to secure.

Tip: The two holes in each gear component allow for use as a focal, link or embellishment.

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