Eurotool® Punch

Presented by Jenny, Business Intelligence,
Instructions by Rachel, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

In this jewelry-making tool show-and-tell, see all the benefits of the EUROTOOL® spring-loaded steel punch with adjustable force, which marks drill spots by creating a divot so you can drill or punch holes without slipping and potentially damaging your surface.
The automatic center punch by Eurotool is a must have item that lets you quickly prepare surfaces for clean and accurate drilling.

The punch is spring loaded for ease allowing you to mark your drill spots with one hand. The impact creates a small depression so you can drill or punch your hole without the risk of slipping and potentially damaging your surface.

The punch featured a variable tension bolt allowing you to adjust the force of each punch so you can use the tool across a range of different materials.
Plan your drilling by placing a mark in the desired area with a marker.
Place the punch over the mark and firmly press down until the spring releases.

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