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Master the expressive art of wire wrapping.

You'll love browsing our wire working tutorials, instructions, and hundreds of wire wrapped design inspirations. Whether you want to create a simple wrapped loop or a fascinatingly intricate design, you'll find everything you need right here.

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Riveting With a Wire Rivet

Riveting with a wire rivet (or brad) is a tried-and-true technique for connecting multiple layers of metal. Learn how in this video with Tammy Honaman.

Forming Basic Wire Shapes

Follow along with Sandra Lupo through her step-by-step instructions and discover her methods of creating unique wire shapes to inspire a variety of jewelry designs.

Forming Complex Wire Shapes

Sandra Lupo shares the tips and techniques she uses to create complex wire shapes and forms for jewelry and accessory designs.

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Crochet with Wire

The most popular question any person who sees a design made using beads crocheted on either wire or fiber is: How did you get the bead in the stitch? The second most popular question is: How do I take what I learned from my mom (or my grandmother)...

Jewelry-Making Wire: Non-Precious Metal, Colored and Steel Wires

Wire is a staple ingredient for metalsmiths and most jewelry designers. And whether it's used in a small supporting role or as the star, having a variety of wire on hand will ensure you are prepared for whichever stage direction you are given from...

Wubbers® Pliers - Serious Jewelry Tools with a Sassy Name

With Wubbers, Patti Bullard has invented a better set of pliers that jewelry makers are beating a path to, well, not her door, but to Fire Mountain Gems and Beads to buy her line of Wubbers pliers.

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