Topics: Wire, Gauge and Size for Necklace; Head Pin, Gauge and Size for Earrings

What is the best size wire to use for making a necklace using beads and a simple loop wire method? What size headpin is best for earrings?
- Ami
When stringing beads onto wire, eye pins or head pins, it is always a good idea to choose the heaviest gauge wire that fits through the hole of your beads. The heavier the wire gauge, the stronger the connections will be between links and findings.

To select the best size wire, determine the size of the beads' hole (often measured in millimeters) and then convert the wire gauge to millimeters to match, allowing for some wiggle room so the wire will slide through the beads easily yet not so much room the beads wobble.

If you're working with multiple size bead holes, choose the wire that fits the smallest size then slide a bugle bead, crimp bead or seed bead onto the wire, to fit inside the bead with larger holes. This will stabilize them.

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