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I have some pretty beads and spacers, but they have double holes and I have no idea how to use them as I am new to beading. I have searched your site with no luck. Can you help me?
- Patricia
Double-hole spacers, or spacers with even more holes, are perfect for making multi-strand necklaces, bracelets and even chandelier-style earrings. Their purpose is to keep each strand of beads organized and separated from other strands.

To use a double-hole spacer bar to make a bracelet, string a number of beads, pass the beading wire through a hole of the spacer bar and continue to repeat this pattern until you reach the desired length of your bracelet. Use a Bead Stopper™ on each end to hold the beads on this strand in place. Using a second beading wire, string the same number of beads, pass the wire through the second hole in the double-hole spacer bar and continue as you did with the first strand.

To use a multi-hole spacer bar to make a necklace, string the beads and spacer bars as you do for a bracelet and then as you make your way to the center of the necklace, you will find you'll need to string different amounts of beads on the different strands, between the spacer bars, to make the curve and drape of the necklace work properly.

Finish the ends with the following:
  • A multi-strand clasp with enough loops to match the holes of your spacer bars
  • Use crimp beads or use Screw-Tite Crimps™ to secure the beading wire to the clasp
  • Add Accu-Guard™ wire protectors to protect the ends of the wire as they pass over the loops on the clasp
  • Use crimp covers to hide the crimped crimp beads, adding a final professional touch
Instructions for the techniques associated with all of these great findings can be found by viewing the links below.

To use multi-hole spacers in an earring design, position the spacer bar horizontally then use it as the foundation for the beaded earring design, as seen in these Earrings with Nephrite Beads and Sterling Silver Chain. Or, position the spacer bar vertically and pass stringing material through the holes as you see in these Earrings with Cubic Zirconia Beads and Sterling Silver Components, attaching the earwire to the first hole at the top.

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