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I found the instructions for making a simple memory wire bracelet. Would these same instructions work for a simple necklace or is it more complicated? Thank you.
- Juli
Memory wire comes in various sizes: rings, bracelet and necklace. To modify the bracelet instructions for a necklace, just use the necklace size memory wire and add more beads. Because of its ease to work with and its ability to retain its shape, memory wire is a great material for making beautiful choker style necklaces, multi-layer bracelets, rings, wine charms and napkin rings--add beads, finish the ends then you're good to go. Finishing the wire would be the same for all sizes and can either be done with a simple loop or by gluing memory wire ends in place with either G-S Hypo cement or Devcon Jeweler's 5-minute epoxy.

Follow the directions in the ''Finishing Memory Wire Jewelry'' how-to video and illustrated instructions, for instructions on both finishing techniques. - Maura Buckner, Jewelry-Making Expert

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