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Can we safely "fire" Swarovski crystals on polymer clay (not PMC) which fires at approx. 300 deg. for 30 minutes? These will be flat back, but not the hot stick type. Also, color stability at those temps. Thanks,
- Nancy
Yes, flat back Swarovski crystals can be fired safely in Kato Polyclay™ at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. The color of the crystals will not be affected by the heat.

Consider applying a small amount of Poly Bonder® to the clay, then apply the crystals to the adhesive. Poly Bonder is intended for use with polymer clay and high-temperature applications.

Depending on how you "set" the crystal into the clay, you may find they do not stay seated once the polymer clay has cured. If the crystals do come loose, apply a small dab of two-part epoxy to the area where you want the crystal fixed in place, then set the crystal on top of the epoxy. Clean up any excess glue right away, as it will leave a shine if cured in place.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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