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Viking Weave--How do I make a simple weave and then an intermediate weave. Thank you.
- Carol
This Viking knit bracelet is considered a simple weave. It was made using the Lazee Daizeeā„¢ Viking Knit tool set and has 6-loops. The tool set comes with complete instructions. A link to instructions for this specific design can be found in the resource section below.

You can change the look of this bracelet by changing the gauge of wire used or by reducing the amount of loops. Thicker, or heavier gauge wire will yield a heavier look, to the final design; fewer loops will result in a thinner diameter chain. For a more complex and heavier look consider combining layers of woven chain, as seen in the designs listed in the Gallery of Designs below, or increase the amount of loops in the design. This change will require a different mandrel as the Lazee Daizee is limited to 6 loops--a wooden dowel works great.

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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