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I have been asked to make some silver "teardrops", which I plan to do using PMC. The person wants to be able to engrave a name on each teardrop. Please tell me how many playing cards thick I should make each one in order for the finished piece to be engraveable. Thank you.
- Adrien
3 - 4 cards thick will work if the engraving is being done using a tool that leaves a shallow impression, like the engraving pen.

If the tool being used will leave a deep impression, consider creating the drops using 5 - 6 cards.

When using the colored acrylic slats, the "card" thickness comparison is as follows:
  • Black - 1 card
  • Yellow - 2 cards
  • Green - 3 cards
  • Navy - 4 cards
  • Red - 6 cards
  • Purple - 8 cards

- Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator

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