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I am making drops, links, etc.. Some of your filigree drops say cabochons. Can I use a crystal or rhinestones in these settings? Like a 4mm stone with pointed back instead of flat. I have bought several styles in these and have lots of crystals and rhinestones and would like to use them in your drop and link settings. Thanks.
- Lenice
You can glue crystals, rhinestones and gemstones into any open-back cabochon setting as long as the size of the stone is correctly matched up with your setting. Using G-S Hypo cement adhesive, carefully glue along the edge of the stone using the glue sparingly. Using too little glue will result in the stone falling out and too much glue will result in globs oozing out and showing bumps when dry. G-S Hypo cement adhesive has a fine-tip applicator which makes it ideal for this application so you can control the amount of glue. Allow 24 hours to pass before wearing so the glue has time to cure properly.

Another option is to use Apoxie® Sculpt 2-part epoxy to fill the cabochon setting. Then you can set the crystals or rhinestones directly into the Apoxie. When the Apoxie dries or cures, it will harden without shrinkage and the stones will adhere without having to add additional adhesives.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert

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