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How can I tell if some beads I have are Swarovski? Is there a vintage Swarovski cut chart available to show any discontinued shapes and colors?
- Raquel
We are not aware of a cut chart for vintage Swarovski products, however one way to identify authentic Swarovski beads is to compare your beads with authentic beads. For this test you'll have to purchase a handful of authentic beads the same color as your beads. Set both sets of beads side by side and compare the colors. Can you tell a difference? Does the color look the same? Do both sets sparkle in the same way? Upon close examination, fake Swarovski beads are dull and usually have fewer facets and possibly tiny bubbles.

For more in-depth information be sure to read ''Swarovski - How to Ensure You are Getting the Real Thing'' article.

- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author and Jewelry-Making Expert


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