Triple-Strand Necklace with Turquoise Gemstone Beads and Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Beads

The inspiration for this necklace arrived when enjoying a summertime wade in Icicle Creek, near Leavenworth, Washington. As the water rippled over the stones in the creekbed, nature revealed her beauty reflecting golden yellow, reddish brown and sky blue. As Accu-Flex is woven through gemstones while creating this necklace, your eye will reveal a personal pattern. Memories of wading in cool creekbeds in summer will spark your creativity. Any beading project you put your heart into will be appreciated and valued.
Use three, 24-inch strands of .014 Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire. The center of the necklace has two strands, while the sides have three strands, therefore pass two strands of Accu-Flex through the lower strand of gemstone beads. String gemstones on two of the strands, with the third strand woven through the lower strand. This is the center of the necklace. On the top strand make a pattern with turquoise and lapis lazuli heishi beads with a large lapis nugget flanked by Dynamite seed beads and two contrasting small gemstones. The nugget should be centered. To establish the end of the center section and the beginning of the sides, weave the strands together using the Dynamite seed bead.

Then pass all three wires on each strand through a few Dynamites and begin stringing beads on all three strands. Continue to add contrasting gemstones and vermeil beads to the two main strands. Whatever pattern you weave on one side, use gemstone beads of similar weight and colors on the other to make the design balanced while asymetrical.

Continue beading the strands weaving two alternating strands together every few inches to create a loosely braided (rippling water) effect. When complete, make sure the two sides are the same length. 8-10 inches on each side provides a nice drape. Make sure that you have enough wire on each end to pass through the crimp bead, a splitring, and back through the crimp when finishing the strands to add the clasp.

To end put all three wires through your choice of metal or gemstone beads. Then string a 2x2 gold-filled crimp bead on all three strands and put through the splitring and back through the crimp. Pull the strands firmly and collapse the crimp with crimping pliers. Then weave the wire through some of the strands and cut off with cutting pliers.

You may wish to leave one quarter inch after the crimp and before the splitring to wrap with gold-filled wire. The purpose of the wire wrap is to cover up the crimps. This may give your design a primitive look. splitrings are used solely for peace of mind. They will never open up. Another option is to use soldered jumprings. A complementary S-hook clasp finishes your design.

Use carded silk for your dangles. Allow 10 inches for each. String some Dynamite beads in the middle with heavier gemstones on each side, then more seed beads, then double the string, add a few Dynamites and string both ends through your choice of patinas. Try adding a turquoise heishi and a seed bead in front of the patinas. Gently move the beads on the dangle to reveal the combination of rougher texture of the patinas and the smooth gemstones. The seed beads will give off a touch of shine, not too much. Try different combinations until you are satisfied. The beads will nestle together in a loose way that will allow them to swing separately, but also be a single design unit.
For one dangle component, try stringing Dynamite seed beads on the gold-filled wire, or a headpin and attaching to the main silk of the rest of the dangle. Then tie off each silk dangle end around the Accu-Flex on the bottom strand of the necklace. Be sure to center the dangles. Add a dab of glue to the knot and run the silk through some beads before cutting the silk.

This picture shows the way the beads on the dangle are placed to make a complete unit.

The pieces featured in the Gallery of Designs are copyrighted designs and are provided for inspiration only. We encourage you to substitute different colors, products and techniques to make the design your own.

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