Bracelet with Trocha Shell Components and Sterling Silver and Peridot Spacer Bars

Amaze your friends and impress others with this easy-to-make conversation piece. (They'll wonder how in the world you did it!)
Turn on the craft iron and allow it to fully heat.
Cut the photocopy images so they are a 1/4 inch larger than the trocha shell beads.
Lightly sand each shell surface until all shine coating has been removed. This will allow the bead to take the image.
On a heat-proof surface, place the shell bead face down on the image. (Keep in mind the image will print in reverse.) Crease the edges of the paper around the sides of the bead, leaving an indentation of the bead, so you'll know exactly where to place the bead for the next Step.
Turn the bead and the paper over so the image is face-down on the bead and the blank side of the paper is facing up. Align the folds of the paper with the bead so the image is exactly where you want it.
Using a hot pad or oven mitt to hold the bead, lightly heat the entire back of the paper with the iron to transfer the image onto the bead. Carefully lift the paper to see if the image transferred. If it did, carefully remove the paper, if it didn't, replace the image on the bead and reheat with the iron. Once the image is transferred, carefully remove the paper and allow the bead to cool completely.

Repeat Steps 2 - 6 to make a total of eight printed beads.
Once all of the beads have cooled, spray them with the acrylic sealer and let dry.
Make a crystal dangle by stringing one crystal bicone onto a headpin and beginning a wrapped loop. Before finishing the wrap, attach the dangle to the first loop of the clasp.

Repeat this Step, adding crystal dangles to the first, third and fifth loops of each clasp end.
Cut two 10-inch lengths of wire. String one wire through a crimp tube and pass through the second loop on one end of the clasp. Pass back through the crimp tube leaving a 1/2 inch tail. Snug the crimp tube against the clasp and crimp with crimping pliers. Trim the tail wire flush against the edge of the tube. Repeat this Step with the second wire, running through the open loop of the same clasp end.
String one printed shell bead and one sterling and peridot spacer bar.

Repeat seven times. The bracelet should begin and end with printed shell beads.
Repeat the crimp process in Step 9 to attach both wires to the other clasp end.

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