Single-Strand Necklace with Fiber Cord, Shell Beads and Hill Tribes Silver Beads

The silky softness of fiber cord allows this shell and fiber necklace to gracefully drape, enhancing your neckline.
Decide how long you want your necklace. Cut a piece of the 0.5mm hemp cord twice this length. Leaving a tail about 8 inches long, tie an overhand knot.
Start stringing the marquis shells onto the hemp cord one at a time, tying a knot between each shell. The shells should move between the knots, so the knots should not be too close to the shells. Continue adding shells around the cord, leaving another 8 inches at the end.
Cut two strands of the 0.75mm hemp cord and lay all three cords side by side.
Cut several pieces of 0.5mm hemp cord about 5 inches long. These will be used to tie the beads onto the cord.
Beginning at one end, between the first two shells, tie one 5-inch piece of hemp cord around all three strands with an overhand knot. You can now use both ends of this short piece to tie beads on.
Take one end of the short piece and add a bead or beads; make an overhand knot--repeat to create a larger knot that will keep your beads in place. Repeat for the other short end. Continue adding short cords and beads around the necklace.

For this step, I tied beads in a random pattern. The more beads you use, the fuller your necklace will be. If you want a lighter necklace, skip a few marquis shells before tying on another bead.

  • For beads with smaller holes, such as the pearls and some shell beads, you will want to use a headpin. Add the bead to the headpin and make a simple loop. Tie the hemp cord to the loop.
  • You may need to use a Wide Eye™ needle to help get the hemp cord through the Hill Tribes silver beads.
Once you have tied on all the beads that you want, connect the three strands at the beginning (at the first marquis shell) by tying an overhand knot.

String one half of the clasp onto one of the 0.75mm strands. Using all three strands, tie another overhand knot, securing the clasp. Repeat with the other end of the necklace.

Decorate the tail ends with beads. These may be worn in the front with the rest of your necklace, or hanging down the back.
Cut 3-1/2 inch pieces of fiber. Tie the fibers on, in any pattern, between beads, over all cords. The fiber adds a full and textured look.

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