Bookmark with Swarovski Crystal Beads

Wondering what to make for that special someone in your life? Charming bouquet stems are an easy and inexpensive addition to floral sprays and can be cherished year-round as bookmarks or planter decorations.

Using round-nose pliers, open one end of the eyepin and attach it to the loop on the bookmark.
String crystal and brass beads onto the eyepin, leaving enough room to make a closed loop on the end.
Make a half loop on the end of the eyepin using your round-nose pliers and hook through the loop of the flower charm. Finish the loop on the eyepin.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 using more crystal and brass beads so second eyepin is slightly longer that the first.
Slide bouquet stem into floral arrangement and present with chocolate.

The presentation of your floral arrangement will determine how you display the bouquet stems. If your flowers are wrapped in paper, slide the bouquet stem inside the top of the paper wrapping, letting the hook dangle over the edge. (Hint: before wrapping the paper around the bouquet, tie the flower stems snugly together with the brass bouquet stem to hold in place.)

If your floral arrangement is in a vase, simply stick the stem inside the vase, letting the hook rest over the edge. (Hint: make several stems and space them around the rim. Tie the upper portion of the vase, just below the charms, with hemp cord and organza ribbon for an extra-special touch.)

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