Bangle Bracelet with Gold-Finished Brass Chain and Leather

Verify that a piece of light grey leather will fit around the circumference of a wood bangle bracelet. Use a permanent marker to outline the edges of the bangle bracelet on the back of the leather, while rolling the bracelet along the length of leather.

Wrap the leather around the bracelet to verify that the marked strip will be long enough to cover the outside of the bracelet (approximately 12 inches).
Use red acrylic paint and a paintbrush apply paint the entire surface of the bangle bracelet, in stages. Example: Paint the inside of the bracelet and allow to dry. Then paint the edges and the outer side of the bracelet drying between sections.

Apply Diamond Glazeā„¢ adhesive to seal the bracelet. Set aside to dry according to manufacturer's instructions.
Mark a 2-1/4x5/8 inch marquise shape approximately one inch from the center on either side of the leather. Cut along the bracelet outlines (created in Step 1) then cut out the marquis shapes.
Punch corresponding holes, approximately 1/4 inch apart, along the sides of each marquise shape. Use the rivet setter tool to place a rivet inside each hole along each marquise shape.
Cut the following lengths of gold-finished 3mm cable chain: four 1/2 inch, six 1 inch, six 1-1/8 inch, six 1-1/4 inch.

Note: It may be necessary to cut additional lengths of chain depending on the number of holes lining the sides of the marquise.
Pass one 6x4mm oval jumpring through the last link on one end of one 1/2 inch length of chain and a rivet on one end of one marquise and close. Repeat to attach the last link on the opposite end of the chain to the corresponding rivet hole on the other side of the marquise shape.

Repeat to attach graduating lengths of chain to each set of rivets on each of the two marquise shapes.
Apply The Ultimate! Adhesive around the outside of the dry bangle bracelet then place the leather strip over the bracelet and press into place. Apply adhesive to one end of the leather scrap and cover with the opposite end.

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