Earrings with Gunmetal-Coated Plastic Drops, Antiqued Silver-Plated Brass Rivets and Leather Scrap

Draw an approximately 2-1/4x1-inch isosceles triangle shape onto a sheet of paper.

Cut out the triangle template then attach it to one side of one piece of red leather scrap then cut out a triangle. Repeat to create a second leather triangle.

Flip the template over and cut out two opposite leather triangles.
Apply E-6000® Fray Lock™ to the back (suede) side of one leather triangle. Match up a second (opposite) triangle and press to join the two triangles together.

Repeat to create a second triangle component.
Cut the following lengths of ball chain:
  • Two 4-link lengths
  • Two 8-link lengths
  • Two 12-link lengths
  • Two 16-link lengths
  • Two 20-link lengths
Attach one ball chain connector to each end of each length of ball chain.
Pass one 5.5mm jumpring through the connector loops on one end of one length of chain and the loop on one 16x9mm spike drop then close. Repeat to attach one spike drop to one end of each length of ball chain.
Use a marker to place five evenly spaces points along on of the bottom shorter edge of one triangle component (long flat side on right). Continue to place a point in the top corner and two more points toward the center of the triangle approximately 3/4 inch apart.

Use the rotary hole punch tool to punch holes at each point on the leather component. Use the eyelet and rivet setting tool to set one 5x4mm eyelet in each hole on the triangle.

Trim the top corner close to the eyelet to accommodate the jumpring later on.
Insert the post on one 8x8 cone rivet through one center hole, from the back of the triangle component. Place the hole in the cone portion over the post and use a screwdriver to tighten the rivet together.

Note: The rivet components are a very tight fit. It may take some effort to secure them together.

Repeat to attach a cone rivet to the second center hole on the triangle component.
Pass one 5.5mm jumpring through the bead tip on one 4-link length of chain and the first eyelet (on the left) along the bottom edge of the triangle component then close.

Repeat to attach graduating lengths of chain to the eyelets along the bottom edge.
Attach one 5.5mm jumpring to the top eyelet on the triangle component. Use one 5.5mm jumpring to attach the previous jumpring to the loop on one fishhook earwire.
Repeat Steps 4 - 8 to create a second earring that mirrors the first.

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